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This Might Be Healthy for Me. Might.

I love writing but I get bored so easily of whatever story it is. Writing is considered therapeutic, which is probably why I have about 9 blogs about my life, but none of them are interesting....BUT therapy for free! Friend me if you like, but if your journal is empty I definitely will not friend you back.
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ichigi is not amused!

I just did something gross

I don't know if it's from sleep deprivation or me just being plain stupid.

It's like my brain just temporarily turns off. Like last time, I accidentally brushed my teeth with a facial cleanser D:

This time though, instead of using the facial cleanser to wash my face, I used THIS

Yes, it's female personal hygiene wash T_____________T

Please share your dopey moments so I won't feel so grossed out xD


I have an urge to simply blather on about various and sundry subjects. I might be jumping from subject to subject in an undetectable manner.  Look, flying boogers!

How has everybody else been doing? *_*

Who to root?

Germany vs England. Love both teams *_*

I have butterflies in my stomach for this match ._.

I'm rooting for Germany & England for WC 2010 and for them to meet each other at 16 round up is just T_T I hope the match won't extend to penalty kick-out. I'd definitely switch off to other channel if it comes to that cause I can't stand the suspense. Penalties are only fun when it's not your team  lol

England performance so far in WC 2010 has been unstable. I wish Rooney will check his temper and hope Lampard has a good game today. On Germany side, it's great that they got Klose and Schweinsteiger back.

I want both of England/Germany to move forward T_T

I think we're in for a great game today! I'm going to cheer for both teams!!!

edit: I saw Mick Jagger on the stand!!!!!! xD



- do not like England red away kit

- oh god i don't think i can watch this..

- i love english fans..they overpowered the sound of vuvuzela lol

- Özil !!!! <3

- nice save James

- i think I'm going to be sick...

- damn it Khedira
, pass it to Klose!

- shit free kick for england, with good position too!

- solid german wall hell yes!

- GOAL!!!!!! Germany leads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- poor defending by england..4-4-2 looks like 0-4-2 >_<

- i cant do this anymore

Final score Germany 4 England 1

Germany deserve this! Referee made a bad call for England supposedly 2nd goal but in the end, Germany still going to win this. Man of the match for me definitely goes to Ozil. He was brilliant through out the game and unselfish too. England defense has been a shambles, that's for sure. Terry has been really really bad yeah. And Barry. And Glen Johnson.

Next..Germany vs Argentina? Unless Mexico can pull an upset huhu.

England vs. USA

Live-blogging cause I feel like it.

- Gerrard scored wohoo! That was quick

- Gah that US goal was so..ughhh!

- That goal is going to haunt you Green.

- Gerrad got a yellow card. Great

- Come on England!! Get into the match already!

- Johnson is bleeding o_O

- Free kick for England..come on now!

- Dude, too high.

- Shit so close! US almost score.

- What's up with the passing England..bloody hell!

- Another yellow card


- And another miss by England, now really? Ngh!

- Ten more minutes to go...

- Six minutes to go...

- ...so many near misses..

- Oh hello Beckham! Nice to see you there for the team..

- Extra four minutes

- Final score England 1 USA 1


yoko is tensai

Petite Update

I am indeed still alive. Just freaking busy with stuffs, just waiting to catch a break. This has been one of those weekends where you need another weekend off to recover from the previous weekend *thud*

But on the plus side, I discovered a really pretty, delicious-looking Yaracchi's scans *_*  Yaracchi <33

Scanlated for ohmiya_sg based on translation by enshinge

EDIT: lol just noticed my post's title. I wasn't in any way intending to make fun of Yaracchi..err lack of height xD I swear! *squishessss Yaracchi*